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Janis Laliberte


    The now-famous Blog of the worst kind observes racketeering of Connecticut family court, a den of thieves, in conspiracy to defraud a father, by denial of justice, deprivation of rights, and plundering of bank, while raping six childhoods. The FrankReport is running a series of articles to expose the ‘craft of plunder‘ exhibited by judges, lawyers, therapists, state actors in the DiRubba divorce, where over $3M is extracted by the racketeers in full public view. The machinery of State government works to veil grand larceny in ‘best interests of children’, a jewish delicacy of trickery and deceit, while preying on children. Even the Cheshire Police conspire to execute false arrests… Read More »Racketeering

    Josh Nemore

      The now-famous Blog highlights another Michael Volpe interview focusing on Connecticut family court and the jew judges who abuse mothers, rape childhood, enrich lawyers, and generally behave as demonic monsters, set on destruction of society’s children. Tonight’s interview is with a motherly victim of jew Judge Anthony Truglia and his ‘spic paedo sidekick Eddie Rodriguez.  The Nemore family has suffered from the unmanly ways of Joshua Nemore since 2012, child abuse, psychological harm, damaged kids, raped childhoods, terrified children, where he intentionally violates court orders, isolating three of God’s gifts from their mother … a pillar of masculinity and fatherhood, protected by jew Attorney Steven Levy of Fairfield, where daddy… Read More »Josh Nemore

      Betsy Keller

        The now-famous Blog spotlights Betsy Keller’s social advocacy group Connecticut Protective Moms, represented by board member Kerry Anne Linnane, before Truglia,J in hearing for withdrawal of mother’s counsel Shawna Hamilton-Doster, in dissolution case Tiberi v Tiberi. Board member and professional family litigant Linnane appears as a witness to malign a mother fighting to hug the fruit of her womb. Blog famous, incompetent, pinot grigio addicted lush Attorney Hamilton pleads in tears to dump her client in mid trial before Grossman,J, as mom realizes counsel is playing for the dark side, conspiring with father’s counsel Lisa Knopf and GAL Janis Laliberte to sever constitutionally protected mother-son bonds, under the color of… Read More »Betsy Keller

        Grossman Does It Again!

          The grand dyke jew queen of paedo protection, Judge Jane Grossman, of Connecticut family court, severs another constitutionally protected mother-son bond, as paid for by Dr. Frank Tiberi, DDS of Tiberi Family Denistry, jews Lisa Knopf, Janis Laliberte, and Jessica Caverly participating in professional conspiracy.  Little Leo Tiberi has not hugged his mother in over a year, his fundamental right to mother hugs thwarted by jewish discretion, no state interest, no finding of maternal unfitness, no finding of harm, just the jewish delicacy of protecting paedophiles, while maligning motherhood in jewmurika. Blog star Jane Grossman, is frightened that the boogey man is lurking in the bushes, that the public knows… Read More »Grossman Does It Again!


            The now-famous worst Blog takes aim at the deceit played upon society by the conspiracy of the Connecticut Superior Court Judges and the lecherous family bar association headed by huckster Alex Cuda.  The judge/lawyer conspiracy is spotlighted in fictitious qualification standards to admit gypsies, tramps, and thieves to practice in family court: education and character. The jewish influence is pronounced, as the deceit obscures the singular purpose in family court: plundering family savings. The expense of an administrative no-fault divorce is directly related to the wealth of the parents … no money: no litigation; lots of money: protracted litigation, huge fees, great pain. Blog history department cites 1891 state supreme… Read More »Deceit

            Fuck Off!

              The now-famous Blog applies First Amendment scrutiny to discretionary matters in a public forum of Bridgeport Superior Court by jew Judge Elizabeth Stewart, in the cesspool of Connecticut. How jews override rule of law, shred the Constitution to fuck up goy children in an evil quest to destroy the concept of family, degrade motherhood, and herd four legged calves into the slaughterhouse of humanity. Oi vey, are there enough .50 cals for all the chosen heads in need of redemption? What other remedy remains to protect the children from the monsters in black robes and their pet flying monkeys? A no-fault divorce, a jewish invention, is only available from the… Read More »Fuck Off!

              David Rookasin

                The now-famous Blog enjoys a good pedo daddy story, like nut job David Rookasin of Monroe, Connecticut a new blog star. The repetition of classic abusive narcissistic behaviour towards mothers is striking. David is a societal parasite, selling financial products to old folks, bagging ridiculous commissions, a euphemism for the common term ‘fleecing’. He is so pathetic, he got caught and fined for taking a $50k commission under the table from another parasite. He calls himself a Financial Advisor, his advice will be your loss. Rookasin, a pervert, paedophile, mean nasty person, a child abuser under federal law, is on the public stage in Connecticut Superior Court, in New Haven,… Read More »David Rookasin

                GALs Rape Childhood

                  Experts: CT Court Guardians ad Litem; Serving the Children’s or Their Own ‘Best Interest’? March 11, 2022 A Guardian ad Litem [GAL] is an attorney appointed by the court to investigate a divorce and custody case, report their findings, and make recommendations supposedly based on the child’s “best interests.”It doesn’t always work that way. Family Court Reform Advocate Peter Szymonik Excerpts from a CT Law Tribune article by a long-time advocate for CT Family Court reform. By Peter Szymonik Thousands of parents and families have been financially devastated and unfairly denied access to their children solely due the problems in our family courts. Children are arbitrarily separated from their parents,… Read More »GALs Rape Childhood

                  Word Salad

                    The now-famous Blog highlights the incompetence of Judge Jane Grossman in her recent order which can only be described as tossed word salad of federal trespass. It is time to recognize Connecticut Family Court is staffed with idiots unable to administer the law. A serious issue for a responsible people to take up in protection of children. Background of the case is classic Connecticut pedo. Daddy is a minor attracted drug addicted alcoholic who enjoys heroin, vodka, young latina hookers, along with deviant pleasures involving children. First wife split with the daughter to end the abuse. Second wife filed for divorce on same discovery. Usual suspects of pedo protection showed… Read More »Word Salad

                    Lisa Knopf, Esq.

                      The now-famous Blog spotlights the pedo protection pleadings of Attorney Lisa Knopf, a public service alert revealing the absolute discretion of a jew judge acts to protect child rapists and silence mothers who recognize the evil of a predator father. Read here the insane pleading of a licensed attorney, asking the court to conspire in silencing the screams of raped children. Blog legal staff breaks down the pleading, exposing pedo protection, which jew judge Jane Grossman is paid to deliver. Pedo daddy gets sole custody, mom barred from school, medical records, and doctor’s visits with child. Can’t have mom taking Leo to the pediatrician on complaint of butthurt. Mandatory reports… Read More »Lisa Knopf, Esq.