Gary Roberge


The Connecticut Judiciary expends huge money paying for retarded idiots to masquerade as family relations counselors in the cesspool of family court. To embellish the jewish charade of custody fights for no state interest, the public is tricked into paying ridiculous salaries to clowns in pretense of providing SERVICES to people in family court. In reality, it is a social welfare program to employ the… Read More »Efficacy?

Spot The Pedos!

The now-famous blog takes time to highlight the pedo players in the Harris case out of Waterbury JD. Just another pedo play where two seven year old twin girls, Scarlett and Skye, are daddy Dana Harris’ deviant play toys. Same old pedo play, daddy abuses daughters, mom cries foul, pedo court maligns mother, sole custody to pedo dad, no visitation for mom, no hugs for… Read More »Spot The Pedos!

CSSD Gestapo

Just when we begin to fear our government, the Connecticut Judiciary scares the living shit out of us! The thought police are on the hunt for the now famous blog. Three henchmen of the Court Support Services Division of the Jewdiciary were shaking down citizens this week for information on the journalistic masterminds behind the annoying source of annoyance which the jewidicial masters don’t like…da… Read More »CSSD Gestapo