Garritt Kelly

Paid To Read Da Blog!

Want to get paid to read da blog? Salary, benefits, pension, medical, dental, paid vacation, holidays? All for sitting on your ass in a comfy office! Just get a job working for Martin Libbin in the legal services department of the Connecticut Judiciary. When the morons in black robes get annoyed by public expressions on court matters, protected by the First Amendment, Marty gets tasked… Read More »Paid To Read Da Blog!

Attorney Discipline?

The jewdiciary of Connecticut plays a charade on the goy that the so called practice of law is highly regulated, where attorneys are subject to codes of ethics and honesty worthy of Christian trust. To support the charade, the taxpayers are soaked to pay for an extensive overpaid staff of incompetent lawyers who make up the Statewide Grievance Committee, headed by pedophile Michel P. Bowler… Read More »Attorney Discipline?