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Erik Kuselias

Cruel Ruel

    The now-famous Blog of the all seeing ‘worst‘ kind spotlights sloppy trickery skills of Jim Ruel, a sleezy two-bit family court charlatan whose legal work leaves his clients hanging out years after he cashed his paycheck for ill gotten legal fees, and he thought no one would ever figure it out, now his former client Erik L. Kuselias, the CBS sportscaster stepped in it before Judge Christopher Griffin at New Haven. Blog sees all. Judge Griffin, a newbie judge, no brains, no training, no expertise in post-judgment trickery of clowns like Jim Ruel, Lynda Munro, Richard Callahan who conspire to scam a mom out of alimony and child support, to… Read More »Cruel Ruel

    Kuselias d’Prick

      The now-famous Blog crawlers stumble across a new family court fuss in New Haven JD, where golf chatter box, glamour boy, home grown Connecticut lawyer, Erik Kuselias, willfully violates court orders to prove his manliness before presiding judge Jane Grossman. Erik, with the wandering dick, acting like a prick, exemplifies manhood for his two sons by refusing to pay mom support, just showing the boys how to properly treat their mother. Erik has millions in the bank, but will withhold $10k as a lesson for sons Erik, Jr. and Troy; how real CBS sportscasters treat women! Erik Kuselias is not afraid to walk into Judge Grossman’s courtroom, being an attorney,… Read More »Kuselias d’Prick