Deirdre McPadden


Welcome to Gulag Connecticut, an open air prison, where the Constitution is suspended and the government tramples ‘we the people’. The now-famous blog highlights the specific acts of specific players who work to undermine the rights of the people, for the benefit of jews who profit from trafficking children in the mislabeled ‘family court’. Gulag Connecticut’s most powerful jew family court judge, Gerard Adelman recently… Read More »Secrecy

Terrorist: Patrick Carroll

Time to find a strong branch on the Charter Oak, strike a halyard from the mizzen, thirteen turns to the noose, peaceably assemble a mob of Patriots, torches lit, seize the fucktard in the dead of night, stuff a sock in his mouth, hoist the old fart on his own treacherous deeds, let gravity of a fat ass take its toll on crook’s neck, a… Read More »Terrorist: Patrick Carroll