Dana Harris

Unequal Kids

The people of Connecticut need to examine the unequal nature of their government when it comes to kids. Public policy advocates for strong families, safe homes, good parents, and well cared for children. The utopian desire for Pleasantville is codified in nutmeg statutes at CGS 17a-101(a). The state has a massive agency called DCF, with a huge budget, large fleet of cars, copious federal funds,… Read More »Unequal Kids

Jew Schofield

Time to take a quick look at the jewish orders of Judge Marielouise Schofield that promote child abuse and parental conflict of the talmudic agenda of family court. Schofield isolates twins Skye and Scarlett from their mother, placing childhoods in the complete control of nutjob daddy Dana Harris. Daddy Dana is in control of mother’s phone access to the fruits of her womb, holding court… Read More »Jew Schofield