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Chief Jack Drumm

Thin Blue Threats

    Godmother shows up to deliver Easter Baskets to her God Children in the anti-Christian jurisdiction of Madison Police Department, under the atheistic leadership of Chief ‘Jack’ Drumm. Upon complaint of Mad Man Christopher Ambrose, that Easter was being celebrated, a thin blue thug is dispatched on complaint of the mentally defective, suicidal, in need of treatment, father of three kids who received Easter Baskets!! A crime in the minds of blue thugs with badges, guns, and anti-Christian attitudes! Blog ain’t makin’ this shit up. Mad Man Christopher reacts irrationally to the sight of God Mother and three Easter Baskets, eyes wide, screeching, shouting, challenging the delivery of jelly beans and… Read More »Thin Blue Threats

    Madison Speech Police

      In the land of the free and the home of the brave, the public holds right to scrutiny of matters in a public forum protected by the First Amendment, which is itself protected by the Second Amendment. The cops of Madison, Connecticut answer to a higher calling than the Constitution, where they hunt down free speech under the guise of a criminal complaint of a family court litigant who thinks he is special because he pays Jocelyn Hurwitz lots of money to bring harm to his children and their mother. Now Chief Jack Drumm has dispatched his flying monkeys to hunt the now famous blog by direction of his jewish… Read More »Madison Speech Police