Attorney Lorie Nachlis


Private speech police roam the land of the free and home of the brave. They are funded by the chosen who act to subdue criticism by four-legged animals. These uneducated morons licensed as ‘private investigators’ act as domestic terrorists to undermine the Bill of Rights. Their prime target is the First Amendment. Criticize the chosen and be hunted by their flying monkeys. Meet Brian Hedley,… Read More »PrivateEye

AFCC Freak Lorie Nachlis

The jews of the AFCC are predatory miscreants who live by creating conflict and suffering in return for cash. A fine example of an AFCC member in good standing is Attorney Lorie Nachlis of San Francisco, a creepy old hag dyke, experienced in destroying families, carrying the title of Super Lawyer … because she paid for it. A pathetic example of a person of so… Read More »AFCC Freak Lorie Nachlis