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ADA Holly Tucker

The Black Connection

    Remember how the amazing Matthew Condel Couloute beat financial disclosure for child support of his son Xavier in Connecticut Superior Court?  The white mother filed for a modification of child support, the judge protected Couloute, beat up the mom, violated the law.  Story is here.  The protective judge was the very BLACK Sybil Richards. Now the other white mother of Couloute’s daughter has been arrested because she could not bring herself to endanger little Sophia Couloute by returning the frightened child to the care of the amazing Matthew Condel Couloute.  Under New York law, it is a criminal offense of child endangerment to knowingly give your child to a sexual abuser… Read More »The Black Connection

    AFC: Kelly Ball

      Time to turn the public spotlight on the malpractice and misconduct of a New York State, court appointed, attorney for the child, Kelly Lynn Ball of Buffalo.  A miscreant of a human, a penchant for sexual deviancy involving children, this mental retard partied through Michigan State until running out of beer money in 1990.  After failing at waiting tables in the seedy section of Allentown, she went to SUNY Buffalo Law School, which provides most of the incompetent legal stock for the Buffalo area.  There is just not a huge demand for dummies from a bottom tier law school.  Our nutjob Attorney Ball started out with the massive legal powerhouse… Read More »AFC: Kelly Ball