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Willie Tong

Nunley d’Nut

    Taxpayers of Connecticut get fleeced again! Under supervision of AG Willie Tong, the retarded Alma Nunley enters federal court arguing the ADA does not apply to family court, that Judge Tammy! is immune from any federal civil rights laws, that a parental mental defect for which TAMMY! orders treatment is not a disability, even though TAMMY! severed the parent-child bond.  Oi vey! Where does the Governor find these idiots to dress in black robes? How does a clown like Alma Nunley get state funding to be an idiot? $115k/yr to blow smoke up USDJ Alvin Thompson’s pant leg. The issue is simple, Judge Leo Diana recognizes old fart John Sakon… Read More »Nunley d’Nut