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Lisa D’Angelo


    Panic grips Kristen Macinni, attorney trying to save Bloomfield Puppy Cop Brendan Danaher who falsely arrested Matthew Couloute’s baby mamma in conspiracy with Ryan McGuigan, Daddy Judge Danaher, Chief Paul Hammick, State’s Attorney Danielle O’Connell and Judge Omar Williams. Brendan faces a federal jury of his peers who will not believe battered mother, in safehaven protecting sexually abused child is worthy of arrest by Connecticut on complaint of a resident of Georgia. Brendan is going down, everyone knows it, especially Kristen who knows where all the dogs are buried. Kristen’s latest legal trickery is to demand the State’s Attorney file on baby momma’s false interstate felony arrest, desperately hoping to… Read More »Panic!

    Domestic Terrorism

      The now-famous Worst Blog of the free speech kind provides public warning that John P. Doyle, Jr, state’s attorney for New Haven, GA23 is a domestic enemy of the Constitution, shredding protections of the Bill of Rights, a danger to society, a danger to himself, inciting imminent lawless action, angering deplorable mobs, as there is butthurt among public officials. Doyle is another state paycheck sponge executing terrorism by order of the disgraced Richard Colangelo, the ‘former’ chief prosecutor, who abandoned post because of unethical conduct, abuse of office, while being a jerk.  Doyle does not understand First Amendment jurisprudence, two hundred years of case law protecting expressions to tear down… Read More »Domestic Terrorism