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Jeffrey Lujan Vejil

Adopt & Rape Like A Jew!

    The now-famous Blog highlights minor attractions of the jewish faith, where rabbinical powers penetrate children in deviant perverted delicacies. Raging paedophile, mentally defective Jeffrey Lujan Vejil, a West Texas ‘spic of raging desires for young boys, cloaked himself in rabbinical ideology, masquerading as a hasidic jew from Brooklyn, adopted nine boy sex toys with blessing of Texas authorities, then shared them, advertising his boy harem as a ‘unique family’ on Tik Tok, with a following of many paedophiles, as little boy ass is highly profitable in the cesspool of Houston. Paedo predator knew how to change his spots to blend in with the most protected paedo players on the planet… Read More »Adopt & Rape Like A Jew!