Dr. Sidney Horowitz

Katz Combat!

The hideously fugly excuse of a jew, Joette Katz, self-appointed master of the goy and shredder of law takes to the pulpit of the Connecticut Law Tribune [sic] to spray disinformation upon the four legged animals in a sleight of word salad to deceive the sheeple that the jewish rule will guide their barnyard society to a better existence. Read her shit here. Katz calls… Read More »Katz Combat!

Jew Venom

The poison of jews in Connecticut Family Court has permanent harmful effects on children. Jew Judge Gerard Adelman, working with jews Stephen Dembo and Rhonda Morra destroyed mother-child bonds of three Thaner kids to the benefit of pedo blog star Robert Thaner. The oldest saved himself by running away, to the delight of Robert who hated this son. The case summary is fourteen years of… Read More »Jew Venom