Attorney Sue Cousineau


The now-famous Blog spotlights the malfeasance of the Connecticut Family Court for its inability to conduct a simple administrative no-fault divorce proceeding without abusing due process to the point of conducting a Salem style witch trial out of public view. Judge Tammy Nguyen highlights the fact that you can take the communist out of the rice paddy, but you can’t take the communist out of… Read More »Mistrial!

Cousineau d’Cunt

Jabba The Hut’s little sister is back on the public stage in Connecticut family court. This time Sue Cousineau is the lead actor in a drama to attack a real lawyer for zealously advocating for her client, where the conspiracy to defraud the court is exposed in the case of Reich v Reich. Ooops! Members of the family Bar association, unable to find gainful employment… Read More »Cousineau d’Cunt