Attorney Jill Alward


If the judge appoints a state paid, guardian ad litem, then has that person write the divorce decree, must the court disclose that the court opinion was not written by the judge? Most folks are under the deception that a matter tried to a court is adjudicated by the court and the opinion is handed down by the judge. In Connecticut family court, the judge… Read More »Disclosure?

Spot The Pedos!

The now-famous blog takes time to highlight the pedo players in the Harris case out of Waterbury JD. Just another pedo play where two seven year old twin girls, Scarlett and Skye, are daddy Dana Harris’ deviant play toys. Same old pedo play, daddy abuses daughters, mom cries foul, pedo court maligns mother, sole custody to pedo dad, no visitation for mom, no hugs for… Read More »Spot The Pedos!