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Anthony Truglia

Jew of Bridgeport

    Anthony Truglia takes on the title of Jew of Bridgeport, like Venice, but more ghetto, the now-famous Blog star Judge Anthony Truglia wears his crooked nose with pride, taking a pound of flesh, or in the case of Gus Zucco, a pound of kidney to go with a sack of shekels, the sole god of the jew. The FrankReport covers the story of ungrateful pig Tracy Simms, her jewish lawyer Randolph Richardson, the jewish game of post-judgment plunder and loot; including a kidney! Now-famous Blog of the worst kind points out the significance of Connecticut’s intermediary appellate court, whose duty under Judge Not-so-Bright is to confer discretionary authority on his… Read More »Jew of Bridgeport


      The now-famous Blog of the worst kind happily reports Judge Gerard Adelman’s jewdicial discretion in the Ambrose case, which isolated children from mother, imprisoned by mad man Christopher Ambrose, resulted in Mia running away from the abusive situation, now in the loving care of her mother … all is well! Saturday afternoon saw a flurry of police activity at 381 Horse Pond Road, where five squad cars convened to hear mad mad man Chris Ambrose complain that his daughter is gone, texting him that she is running away, tired of the court induced physical, mental, psychological, emotional abuse that destroyed the last five years of her childhood. The donut whores… Read More »Runaway!

      Trans Shrinks

        Now comes famous Blog’s public service warning in protection of children from jews of Boston Children’s Hospital, a yeshiva cloaked in a medical institution, to butcher goy babies in jewish attack on goy. Spotlight Kerry McGregor, PsyD., the devil’s sister in human form. Her inhumane beliefs coupled with jewish brainwashing produces a child predator promoting butchering genitalia in mockery of goy children. She is so chosen that she knows babies become ‘trans’ in the womb, promoting jewish concept of ‘gender’ instead of human sex. No scientific method of proof, just jewish word-salad to promote deviancy. Jew speak sez murdering babies in the womb is ‘reproductive healthcare’, confiscating rifles from a… Read More »Trans Shrinks