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AAG Robert Deichert

Fifth Amendment Claim

    The great grand retard in black drapes acknowledges a Fifth Amendment claim against his summary disbarment of a zealous advocate.  The magnificent blog star, the chief justice of the Starr Chamber, the devil incarnate, the terror in jewdicial terrorism, Judge Thomas Moukawsher inquires if the state’s attorney office has been in contact with any of the clowns regarding his unconstitutional wrath wielded from the backwater nutmeg bench improperly named Regional Family Trial Docket. There is nothing before the court regarding the disbarment of the advocate who argues for Mia, Matthew, Sawyer in exercise fundamental right to hug mom. Only jews seek to destroy parent-child bonds, destroy families, and advocate for… Read More »Fifth Amendment Claim

    Call To Arms!

      The sovereign people of Connecticut are called to arms by tyranny of their own government. Mothers seeking redress of grievances for the protection of their children are to be barred from the court by claim of Reneé Deichert’s deviant husband Robert. Pedo daddy Robert filed the State’s claim that mothers should not be able to use the court to plead for relief against unscrupulous state actors who rape children for profit. The court being the alternative to violence, the State of Connecticut wants violence! A call to arms! Crosses burn in the Highlands. The government has thrown the gauntlet, there will be no civilized court review of the abuse of… Read More »Call To Arms!