First Amendment

True Threat?

The donut sheriffs of Lake County, Illinois did not get the memo on a .50 cal to the head from the federal courts. Big fat uneducated Deputy makes claim that a ranting victim of family court is making a ‘true threat’ to two judges who are not on the call. Here we go again!!! Nigger boy Sheriff John Idleburg and white judicial cocksucker prosecutor Eric… Read More »True Threat?


Connecticut’s jewish agenda is a gift that keeps on giving blog feed. Even the great grey ponytail, giant of the legal profession, and blog favorite, NORM PATTIS is in the fray! A nutjob Texas judge hands down a twisted decision against Alex Jones that shreds the First Amendment. Blog loves the First Amendment! The SandyHoax is a story about mass murder carried out with a… Read More »SandyHoax

What if …

Time for the pontificating, philosophizing, patriotic elders of the famous blog community to ask the ultimate civics question regarding the family court: What if … What if, the tyranny of child trafficking and suspension of rights is so deeply embedded in the jewdicial psyche under no fault divorce that the children are in danger, where the parents of the nation have no recourse in redress… Read More »What if …


Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals rules anti-semitic speech is constitutionally protected. Today’s ruling in Gerber v. Herskovitz recognized the free expression in a public place to criticize jewish deviancy. Welcome to ‘murika, the goy hold a protected right to hate da jews and the jews have no claim for relief in federal court. Hate the politics of jews, hate the political power of jews, hate… Read More »Newsflash

Cesar Noble: Dicktater

Judge Cesar Noble of the Hartford Superior Court was born a poor dumb Cuban who fled from the evil Dictator Castro, only to become a domestic terrorist as a judge in Connecticut. The whacked out jewdiciary is hunting free speech again! Judge-less-than-Noble entertains the whining of a local cop to pursue speakers of free speech, being the Castro he loves!! The attack on the First… Read More »Cesar Noble: Dicktater


In a free society, ruled by the will of a sovereign people, there is a right to observe the shenanigans of family court, but Connecticut is no such society. The nutmeg people are victims of ‘POLICY’ handed down from a big dumb nigger in a black robe who masquerades as chief justice. In reality, Richard Robinson is just a puppet who betrays his oath by… Read More »POLICY!


Private speech police roam the land of the free and home of the brave. They are funded by the chosen who act to subdue criticism by four-legged animals. These uneducated morons licensed as ‘private investigators’ act as domestic terrorists to undermine the Bill of Rights. Their prime target is the First Amendment. Criticize the chosen and be hunted by their flying monkeys. Meet Brian Hedley,… Read More »PrivateEye

Blawie d’Trickster

Oh, the sleight-of-hand tricks pulled by the bald goofball in a black robe are amazing! Today Judge John F. Blawie pulled a fast one, but not fast enough for the now famous blog not to spot. He ordered the State prosecutor to turn over a ‘sealed’ document to the defense in the criminal trial of horse face, Michelle Troconis da bitch, associated with Fotis Dulos… Read More »Blawie d’Trickster

No Scrutiny Allowed!

Sua sponte, the public right to scrutiny, in its own courts is thwarted by jewish rule of Judge Adelman! The goy are not allowed to observe the jewish pedo scam of child snatching. The family court trickery of citing jew psychobabble as ‘evidence’ in a divorce proceeding is hidden from public view by the Dark Lord himself, the dishonorable, unconstitutional, child molesting, disease ridden, moron… Read More »No Scrutiny Allowed!


Hang a noose and watch the cops go nuts!!! Spray paint a Tibetan good luck symbol and the thin blue line hyper-ventilates, but hunt down conservative white folk for being white and the jews applaud. Oh the fun of performance art!! The constitutionally confused Police Chief in Windsor Connecticut is taking sedatives to overcome his overreaction to a ‘noose’ found hanging from a rafter in… Read More »Noose!!!