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Anne Ficeto


    The big dumb nigger in the black robe puts the two biggest TWATS of the jewdiciary in charge of administration. Connecticut’s third branch of government is now administered by two TWATS! Founding Blog star Elizabeth Bozzuto and cohort Anne Ficeto will now demonstrate to the public how to completely fuck up a totally fucked up branch of government. Blog can’t make this shit up! Judge Patrick Carroll, old, senile, incompetent, crooked, pedo clown takes senior status, stepping down from the most corrupt office in the judiciary, Chief Court Administrator, not that Carroll could administer a taco stand, this icon of court corruption is taking a back seat and a big… Read More »Twats!


      Blog star Annie Dranginis is proclaimed paedo protector, hag jew, best lawyer of next year award recipient, by the jew propaganda organization Best Lawyers, Inc. The jew game is obvious, create a fake organization of jew lawyers to confer awards on other jew lawyers fooling goy into thinking old cunts like Annie Dranginis have magic sauce at law. Lawyers praising other lawyers in promotion of looting in the name of the honorable profession, being nothing but ‘craft for plunder’.  Oi vey! Of great Blog attention is Best Lawyer Annie Dranginis in family law!!  The jew paedo scam praises Annie for her craft of raping childhood for shekels, a beacon to… Read More »Annie!