Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto

William J. Grohs: Child Abuser

William J. Grohs relishes in isolating his daughters from their mother. Psychopath at large in Watertown, Connecticut.

Family Court Strangeness

What is the cause for the family court judge to restrict mother’s ability to take the kid to the pediatrician?

Dirty Judge Leo V. Diana

How Evey and Sofi Grohs are being trafficked through secretive family court by Judge Leo V. Diana, pedo judge and child broker.

No motions; unless EMERGENCY!

Judge Ficeto delivers purchased decision to steal kids from mom. Cash paid to earase mom from lives of children.

Rough Equivalent

Connecticut uses public funds to attack the U.S. Constitution. First Amendment suspended by nutmeg court.

Substantial v Material

How the chosen ones use meaningless words to establish a rule of law for which only they understand…or not. Discretion holds no limits.

Bench Book

The secret Connecticut family court bench book cannot be seen by the public by jewdicial edict.

Family Relations Officers

Connecticut family relations officers are mere child traffickers on the state payroll.