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Jonathan Greenblatt

Cantwell v Liebenguth

    The now-famous Blog of worst kind mocks the seven dwarfs of the Connecticut supreme court for proving incompetence to address the law. In true bloglicious form, the disclaimer applies that Blog ain’t makin’ this shit up! Way back in April 1938, on Cassius Street in New Haven, a SCOTUS opinion forms when Jehovah Witnesses peddle religious expression by harassing residents of the Catholic neighborhood with anti-Catholic rhetoric, promoting a private agenda of whackoid interpretation of biblical prose, devoid of any doctrinal or theological rigor, a pseudo religion, headquarters in Brooklyn. Annoying neighbors by going door-to-door under guise of preaching, spreading alien private beliefs to those who keep doors locked for… Read More »Cantwell v Liebenguth


      The now-famous Blog notes dumb nigger cunt comedy show Whoopi Goldberg is being bitch-slapped by chief jew censorship czar Jonathon Greenblatt of the alien subversive ADL front. Oi vey, jews put on a great show to create media splashes bringing up the HOLOHOAX drama for the holidays. Modern day goy scoff at gas chamber hoax, jewish need to press lies in society’s face. Whoopi just follows a jew script, creating drama, another propaganda round of six million kikes gassed by mild insecticide, corpses magically vaporized in fires leaving no ashes. If Holohoaxes were true, there would not be so many jews in the world, and certainly less in family court.… Read More »Whoopi

      A Lot Of Jews!

        Chappelle has been to Hollywood, there are a lot of jews!!!  But that is just an observation, meaning nothing, like just a coincidence. A bunch of black folks is a gang, a flock of Italians is the mafia, Indians on horseback is a warpath, gathering of Mexicans is a taco feast, collection of Irish is a pub, a seated English crowd is high tea, a bunch of big black birds is a murder, but a whole bunch of jews running Hollywood is just a coincidence which cannot be spoken of … lest the bald asshole of ADL, the chosen master censor of goy speak, Jonathan Greenblatt takes to twitter to… Read More »A Lot Of Jews!