Christopher Ambrose

Search & Destroy

The Fourth Amendment must now be surrendered to obtain a ‘no-fault’ divorce in the State of Connecticut. In the star chamber of Judge Gerard Adelman of the family court, jewdicial discretion acts upon the unsuspecting goy to seize a mother’s computer for no legal purpose. Instead of a search warrant seeking fruits of a crime, the court calls it ‘discovery’, citing no due process. The… Read More »Search & Destroy

Close the courtroom!!

Scary words, free expression, public scrutiny, lions and tigers and bears … oh no!!! Pay attention to the man on the screen, not the man behind the curtain! Welcome to the matrix of Oz. Our enlightened society witnessed another example of how the racketeers of the Connecticut Bar Association conspire to defeat the First Amendment and the right of a sovereign people of scrutiny of… Read More »Close the courtroom!!

Jewish Restraint

In the bizzarro family court of the jewish cesspool of Connecticut, the application of chosen prior restraint is pointedly unconstitutional, but played upon the goy as jewdicial discretion. Forget the Bill of Rights, forget the parchment known as the Constitution, this is Connecticut where jews rule, the four legged barnyard goy animals exist only for kosher slaughter, their kids too. The nutmeg goy enter the… Read More »Jewish Restraint

Free Treatment

The Department of Children and Families of Connecticut is giving out free treatment services to fathers caught up in protracted pointless litigation in obtaining a ‘no fault’ divorce. DCF’s own Nieka Thompson, a staff attorney, announced today that DCF provides treatment service to a dad who requires help recognizing the emotional needs of children impacted by expensive and drawn out family court litigation in which… Read More »Free Treatment


Twenty years ago there was a cute cartoon movie called Monsters Inc. A twisted double script story about monsters who scare kids because they care, something goofy about terrorizing kids to get energy for the evil utility to sell and make money. Not that making money off of scaring kids is funny, but it does have a direct parallel to the jews of family court… Read More »Monsters!

Dr. Jessica Biren Caverly, Ph.D

Meet another jew with an attitude, a hatred of Christian motherhood, a demented desire to harm children and a love for money; Dr. Jessica Biren Caverly, a self appointed expert on goy children, adored by jew judges and lawyers of the Connecticut family court for her ability to espouse kike opinions to undermine the concept of family in a Christian society. Jessica is the star… Read More »Dr. Jessica Biren Caverly, Ph.D

Madman: Christopher Ambrose

Another story of a madman, his lawyer and too much money. Meet Christopher Ambrose, a demented narcissist, self-denying homosexual, with less than high school level of maturity, masquerading as a father of three, special needs, adopted children, whom he enjoys torturing with the aid of his expensive lawyer, and doting GAL, in the perverted family court of Connecticut, before Judge Jane Grossman. Christopher now lives… Read More »Madman: Christopher Ambrose

The $100k GAL

Here is a quick look at the money games played by family court of Connecticut by use the the notorious Guardian Ad Litem in a divorce matter and how lawyers and judges conspire to defeat the state statutes governing the role of the court appointee. Meet Attorney Jocelyn Hurwitz of the evil jewish law firm of Cohen&Wolf. Jocelyn is the GAL in the Ambrose case,… Read More »The $100k GAL

Predator: Jocelyn Hurwitz

Time to take a peak at the child trafficking game of evil guardian ad litem Jocelyn Hurwitz of the nasty jewish law firm of Cohen&Wolf. The jewdiciary feigns belief that a GAL is needed to dissolve a marriage. In reality, the GAL is only appointed when there are parents with money. Deceptively designed to represent the ‘best interests of the children’, the true role of… Read More »Predator: Jocelyn Hurwitz