February 2018

Jewdicial Sodomites

The Connecticut Miscreant Utopia has iced the cake with the Homo Governor Malloy’s nomination of fellow sodomite Andrew J. McDonald.  The State Pedo Utopia has now conquered the judicial branch in complete sexual deviancy.  A civilized society now relies on the leadership and judgment of a jewdicial sodomite in upholding the rule of law. Being a homosexual and having close ties to the sexually deviant… Read More »Jewdicial Sodomites

Spotlight: Dr. Frank Alabiso, Ph.D.

Time to spotlight another jewish tool of the corrupt family court of Erie County, NY.  The famous case involving the amazing Matthew Condel Couloute takes another turn to the dark side. It is not enough that NYS Department of Social Services/Child Protection seized the sexually abuse Sophia Couloute and placed her in foster care for protection.  It is not enough that Buffalo Children’s Hospital determined… Read More »Spotlight: Dr. Frank Alabiso, Ph.D.

The Jew’s Game

Here is an interesting article about the game of destroying the Grazzini-Rucki family by the devil himself Judge David L. Knutson of the miserable state of Minnesota.  Those who do not understand the jewish operation of family court will be led to believe that there is an issue of power and corruption.  To the enlightened reader, it is not a matter of abuse, it is… Read More »The Jew’s Game